2021-06-14 14:36:23 +02:00

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Welcome to MyNoVi

MyNovi | My Notes Viewer is simple markdown viewer made for my usage.


  • No configuration
  • Easy install
  • Auto ToC (Table of Content)
  • Browser lazy loading in image
  • KISS


MyNovi only work with one level dir (for moment).


Clone this Mynovi using git

git clone https://forge.leslibres.org/Knah-Tsaeb/MyNoVi.git

Use composer to install external lib (Parsedown and Parsedown-toc)

cd MyNoVi

composer install


Put your markdown file in 'content' dir via FTP OR SSH.

That's all.

You can personalize the default page by creating file content/index.md.

Advanced usage

Use synchronisation tools like NextCloud. Sync 'content' dir with your desktop. Now just edit your local file and when you save file, after synchro your file is online.


This project is licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3 license.