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# Welcome to MyNoVi
MyNovi | My Notes Viewer is simple markdown viewer made for my usage.
## Features
- No configuration
- Easy install
- Auto ToC (Table of Content)
- Browser lazy loading in image
### Limitations
MyNovi only work with one level dir (for moment).
## Setup
Clone this Mynovi using git
`git clone https://forge.leslibres.org/Knah-Tsaeb/MyNoVi.git`
Use composer to install external lib (Parsedown and Parsedown-toc)
`cd MyNoVi`
`composer install`
## Usage
Put your markdown file in 'content' dir via FTP OR SSH.
That's all.
You can personalize the default page by creating file **content/index.md**.
### Advanced usage
Use synchronisation tools like NextCloud. Sync 'content' dir with your desktop.
Now just edit your local file and when you save file, after synchro your file is online.
## License
This project is licensed under the terms of the **[AGPLv3](https://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.txt)** license.