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ArthurHoaro 5ebc1d504b .htaccess files: support Apache 2.4+ syntax
If `mod_version` is enabled, the previous syntax will apply for Apache <2.4.
If not, the new syntax is used by default.

Fixes #676

`mod_version` identifier is `version_module` across all Apache versions. See:


Note that version_module comes built-in with Debian (and derivatives) Apache2 packages, see
2016-11-08 11:38:14 +01:00
Christophe HENRY 3bb684f59f Removes htaccess file creation and adds them in the repository
I also removed the previously created placeholders, which after all, have no more utility.
2014-08-04 00:42:49 +02:00
Christophe HENRY e7416aba2c Adds empty directories: cache, data, pagecache and tmp. Removes mkdirs.
They are still in .gitignore because their future content will still be ignored.
2014-08-04 00:41:55 +02:00