1839 Commits (myShaarli_commu)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Knah Tsaeb 984073a980 Release v0.11.0 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro ed3365325d Bump Shaarli version to v0.11.0 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro d7dead5644
Merge pull request #1333 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/sticky-update 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 81cae5f5dd Persist sticky status on bookmark update 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro c49b999001
Merge pull request #1334 from ArthurHoaro/changelog-v11 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 525069ea7a Changelog and authors for v0.11 release 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 37686457f0
Merge pull request #1332 from rajathans/master_fix 1 year ago
  Rajat Hans 4c029779c8 Responsive issue with delete button fix 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro a9633359d1
Merge pull request #1317 from ArthurHoaro/feature/default-colors 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro a8fb97a0c3 Default colors plugin - Documentation 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro e503d26f0b Default colors plugin - Translations 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 15a61e5974 Add the new hook save_plugin_parameters to the demo plugin 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro b550735054 Default colors plugin - Add unit tests 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 01ba8a0700
Merge pull request #1323 from llune/patch-5 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro b15d065905
Merge pull request #1321 from llune/patch-3 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro c088ae99bf
Merge pull request #1324 from llune/patch-6 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 19ba060669
Merge pull request #1322 from llune/patch-4 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro f2d00d95a0
Merge pull request #1320 from llune/master 1 year ago
  Luce Carević 84b8426c31
a11y fix add banner mobile version 1 year ago
  Luce Carević cadf4d5bd6
fix a11y label 1 year ago
  Luce Carević 6177da0c30
fix a11y label 1 year ago
  Luce Carević d91719ab97
fix img without alt 1 year ago
  Luce Carević b43c98fecb
fix blank 1 year ago
  Luce Carević 852872930f
a11y fix: label and tabindex 1 year ago
  Knah Tsaeb 7fe2910525 Release v0.10.4 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro a5a0c0399b WIP - Plugin to override default template colors 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro c03c90a13e
Merge pull request #1313 from ArthurHoaro/feature/desc-retrieval 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 6a4872520c Automatically retrieve description for new bookmarks 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 5d8a958d5d
Merge pull request #1311 from Agurato/master 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro bd231539e9
Merge pull request #1308 from ArthurHoaro/feature/daily-date 1 year ago
  Agurato a47656a28e Rollback on removing php7-curl from step 4 1 year ago
  Agurato 0b0694064c Fix armhf Dockerfile 1 year ago
  Agurato e14d47cc55 Fix armhf Dockerfile 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 86aa248654
Merge pull request #1309 from ArthurHoaro/feature/qrcode-link 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 5c003824a3 Remove QRCode link to an external service 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 5321f704b5 Daily - display the current day instead of the previous one 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro c3a04e328f
Merge pull request #1273 from ArthurHoaro/feature/ban-manager 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 8ed59f107e
Merge pull request #1301 from ArthurHoaro/template/print-css 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 5f8f6134bc
Merge pull request #1305 from ArthurHoaro/feature/forkawsome 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro b2143ff480 Switch from FontAwesome v4.x to ForkAwesome 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 590c34dec1
Merge pull request #1304 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/yarn-dep 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro dbbea38c7a Update node-sass to fix a vulnerability in node tar dependency 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 374f89e721 Add print CSS rules to the default template 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 06783e8f1a
Merge pull request #1297 from ArthurHoaro/hotfix/mobile-select-all 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro c5e96f594b
Merge pull request #1295 from ArthurHoaro/feature/visited-link-color 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 160d9a7741
Merge pull request #1296 from ArthurHoaro/feature/sticky-label 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 51c5de1105 Hide select all button on mobile view 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 786f35f270
Merge pull request #1276 from ArthurHoaro/feature/bulk-visibility 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro d3defcac1c Display sticky label in linklist 1 year ago
  ArthurHoaro 8fc0a984f0 Slightly lighten visited link color 1 year ago